Four enLight technologies that will transform your infrastructure with average energy and cost savings of over 50%

turn lighting into a smart platform


Existing and future lighting infrastructure can be upgraded to save energy and reduce maintenance costs. Augment this infrastructure with the enLight smart platform and create a network for next generation monitoring and control across your entire estate.

scalable mesh network enables the smart platform


Symmetry, scaleability, security, and speed all combine to aggragate data back through a secure API for integration into any management platform – from Trend, Tririga or Tridium for building management to Mayrise, Alloy or Maximo for asset management, to name just a few.

sensors make the smart platform


The new series of enLight® enSense™ sensors have been designed to work in harmony with the enLight platform and use the network created by the upgraded lighting infrastructure to carry the data from where it is being recorded to where it is needed in the cloud.

actuators add control to the smart platform


Advanced, future-proof and real-time asset management devices that provide a new level of monitoring and control. Taking data from sensors, one is able to control motors, fans, switches, levers, gates, lights or anything else that can be automated using sensors.

enLight® develops and implements technology that transforms lighting infrastructure into an energy efficient and low maintenance asset, whilst creating a flexible wireless connectivity platform for true innovation and value creation.

We create an Internet of Things (IoT) backbone for Smart Cities, Construction, Facilities Management and other sectors by retrofitting existing outdoor lighting with an energy efficient platform that can save 50% on energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs by more than half. Furthermore, we offer the only wireless IoT network infrastructure that will give you a return on your investment

Who we help:

  • Local Government & Councils
  • Facilities Managers
  • Retail Park Operators
  • Car Park Operators
  • Commercial Landlords
  • Highways Operators
  • Care Homes & Hospitals
  • Environmental Departments

Enlight Smart Facilities Brochure

Meet the enLight Team

Gary Atkinson

Gary Atkinson


Les Aarons

Les Aarons


David Aarons

David Aarons

Chief Technical Officer



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