Lighting the Way to Smart Infrastructure

Delivering Smart Cities and Buildings through the Cost Effective Upgrade of Existing Lighting Infrastructure

Smart Lighting Infrastructure

Transforming existing lighting assets into a smart networking platform.

Self-Funding Network

An IoT backbone that pays for itself through energy and maintenance cost savings

Scalable Sensor Platform

Developing and connecting your intelligent devices

enLight® develops and implements technology that transforms lighting infrastructure into an energy efficient and low maintenance asset, whilst creating a flexible wireless connectivity platform for true innovation and value creation.

We create an Internet of Things (IoT) backbone for Smart Cities, Construction, Facilities Management and other sectors by retrofitting existing outdoor lighting with an energy efficient platform that can save 50% on energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs by more than half. Furthermore, we offer the only wireless IoT network infrastructure that has its own return on investment of less than 4 years.

Who we help:

  • Local Government & Councils
  • Facilities Managers
  • Retail Park Operators
  • Car Park Operators
  • Commercial Landlords
  • Highways Operators
  • Care Homes & Hospitals
  • Environmental Departments

enLight®’s multi award-winning solutions have proven to deliver instant savings in energy and maintenance costs and are compatible with all lighting infrastructure across the globe. From simple lighting upgrades to bespoke communications networks…enLight® delivers.


enLight is Lighting the Way to Smart Infrastructure