About Us

For over 20 years our core team has worked for clients across a variety of industries in the development of high-tech software, hardware and electronic products with broad applications.

Our strength has always been in understanding the challenges faced by our customers and applying our expertise to create integrated solutions that not only solve these issues, but also add real value:
• Lighting Infrastructure
• Internet of Things
• Communications Network
• Software
• Radio Communications
• Wireless Communications
• Maintenance Savings
• Infrastructure Management

The company’s multi-disciplinary approach, and experience in designing products across a broad range of industry sectors such as Local Government and Councils, Commercial, Retail, Highways Maintenance and Facilities Management, has resulted in the development of a holistic solution beyond the capability of those offered by even the major global lighting companies. Each individual component is the best of its class but together they provide the most efficient and scalable control and communications platform on the market.

EnLight is a multi-award winning solution that takes a holistic approach to light and energy management. EnLight delivers instant savings in energy and maintenance costs and transforms existing light infrastructure into a living communications network, from which numerous value added services can be delivered.

EnLight is much more than just lighting control; EnLight is the platform for a more intelligent world.