Although much of the existing lighting stock in the UK and Europe is quite old and requires replacement, HID luminaires have been and still are frequently deployed and so there is a good proportion of the stock list that has luminaires with plenty of life still left in them. It would be very wasteful to throw them in a skip and so if we could make those luminaires >50% more energy efficient and provide a maintenance visit profile more like LED, that would be a good use of resources. The enLight® HID Retrofit Kit does just that and can turn existing luminaires into much more efficient assets whilst building out the Smart Urban Infrastructure for Smart Cities and Smart FM.

enLight® HID Retrofit Kit

The HID Retrofit Kit comprises of the entelli-Ballast™ and the DOLFin® Pro. These two elements are easily retrofitted into most lanterns and will typically take just 20 minutes to complete, Simply remove the existing control gear and fasten the entelli-Ballast™ in place using the clips provided. This can then be wired into the mains and the lamp holder using the junction boxes prevalent in nearly all street light luminaires.

The DOLFin® Pro can be mounted on the top of the lantern via a 20mm hole and can be screwed from the inside of the lantern using the provided bolt to pull the DOLFin® Pro tight against the neoprene seal using the threaded spigot at the base of the DOLFin® Pro. The DOLFin® Pro comes pre-wired with a cable that fastens to the socket on the entelli-Ballast™ (it is keyed to ensure it cannot be connected incorrectly) and that provides power and connectivity for the DOLFin® Pro itself.

Once the kit is in place and configured using the handheld configurator, the installation can be tested for electrical safety before the lantern is closed back up to complete the install. The installer can then move onto the next post and repeat the process.