Smart Facilities Management

Smart Facilities ManagementFrom energy efficient car parks to developing a sensory network across a single building or complete retail park, enLight provides a cost effective smart facilities management solution for an integrated and fully networked environment, through the power of existing lighting infrastructure.

Most buildings and campuses have external lights surrounding them or running through them and by deploying the enLight lighting platform, a low power network is created that can be used for all sorts of sensors and actuators. However, you are not just limited to external devices as the network has the ability to penetrate deep inside buildings and connect to a whole host of indoor and/or industrial sensors. In this way, the data can be pulled out of the building and there is no need to negotiate with the network security team to have holes punched in firewalls to connect to gateways or aggregators.

Elements in a building you may want to monitor and/or control could include:

  • Energy usage
  • Motor health
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air quality
  • Space utilisation
  • Traffic flow
  • Enhanced security
  • Legionella

A standalone business case for any one of these would normally have trouble getting financial approval as on their own, they often do not justify the investment in the network needed to enable them. By upgrading the lights outside, the energy and maintenance cost reductions provide a return-on-investment of less than 4 years so that each of the use cases above can be “layered” on with no significant capital investment – save the cost of the sensors/controllers themselves.

Enlight Smart Facilities Brochure