Smart Cities and Urban Infrastructure

smart cities
Smart Cities and Urban Infrastructure present a tough challenge for Local Authorities, Municipalities and Councils to identify the most cost-effective and sustainable paths to enabling intelligent city, town or village landscapes. The key challenge has been mainly due to the perceived widespread investment needed for technology infrastructure that can truly deliver intelligence at an urban-wide level.

Up until now, these have been too expensive for most authorities, and despite the wealth of benefits of individual ‘Smart City’ or ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) applications, they have rarely merited the cost of deployment of the necessary wireless network.

Street lighting presents a highly efficient, commercial opportunity to achieve true Smart Urban status as they are ideal candidates for reuse as a city-, town- or village-wide sensory network:

  • Found in urban environments across the globe
  • Line the roads at regular intervals
  • Connected to mains power
  • Good height for wireless coverage

The enLight® Solution

We are able to provide a retrofit upgrade platform to the hundreds of million street lights around the world that will:

  • Reduce electricity costs by over 50%
  • Offer ROI of approximately 3½ years
  • Provide expandable and scalable for other applications

enLight® offers municipalities a cost-effective alternative to replacing entire lighting stock by significantly improving the energy efficiency of their current infrastructure and harnessing its power to deliver additional benefits for citizens.

Built to accommodate multiple device types and display them on a single user interface, with enLight® there is no longer any need to deploy multiple networks for monitoring an urban environment.

enLight® makes intelligent urban infrastructure an affordable reality for city, county and district authorities.

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enLight® is Lighting the Way to Smart Cities Infrastructure