All of enLight®’s products are built on a core set of technologies that are supremely energy efficient, flexible and scalable to bring about the most cost effective way to build out Smart City or Smart FM backbones – what we like to call Smart Urban Infrastructure.

The network is self-funding because the core platform provides a light engine (ballast or driver) that uses the minimum energy for the maximum light output whilst being very gentle with the light source itself – to minimise maintenance requirements and the costs associated with sending people in vans to site.

image of enLight entelli-Ballast


Our HID ballast uses award winning and patented technology to provide the maximum light output from any lamp make or type from 26W to 150W

enLight dolfin


The enLight® DOLFin®Pro is a sensor-packed photocell as well as a radio node for the enLight® enTalk™ self-healing mesh network



TheenLight® resilient, secure and scalable mesh network is called enLight® enTalk™ and offers deterministic connections for sensors and actuators at over 150 kbit/s

image of enCore interface


enLight® enCore™ is the management platform to view and control all lights and sensors within the customer’s infrastructure – for those that do not have an existing system to plug the enLight® platform into.