enLight® DOLFin® Pro

The EnLight DolFin® is an intelligent light sensing and wireless digital system enabling accurate real-time light and temperature monitoring via bi directional communications.

The sensor detects ambient light and automatically calculates a daylight profile, enabling energy savings to be maximised. Direct connection to all EnLight products can be achieved via the DolFin enabling multiple devices to be installed within a lamppost or other enclosures.

EnLight® DolFin® is designed to work in harmony with the EnLight® products including the Entelli-Ballast™ and EnTalk™ Remote Management System.

Key features

  • Full real-time lamp-by-lamp monitoring
  • Digital Wireless connectivity to lighting network
  • Compatible with all EnLight products
  • Part-night linear dimming profiles built-in
  • Industry standard mount for fast installation
  • Housed in an all-weather bird proof casing