The EnTalk™ Remote Management System is an advanced, feature-rich, future proof and real-time asset management device that provides a new level of monitoring and control. Lighting controllers benefit from full desktop and mobile based control of their lighting including lamp-by-lamp linear dimming. Additional sensors and actuators can all be added to the EnTalk network and monitored and controlled via the same dashboard.

Technically advanced yet simple to use, it delivers intuitive real-time monitoring of every device on a network, with performance displayed as a live graphical on-screen trace. Data capture and intelligent fault diagnosis help to deliver efficiency breakthroughs, reducing both time and cost. Direct control of each device enables dimming level and on site diagnostics to be tested and carried out in real time.

Key features

  • Fully featured bi-directional remote management of lighting and other sensor networks
  • Real time device control and monitoring
  • Intelligent diagnostics and data capture
  • Live graphic traces of lamp power, performance and ambient light levels
  • Stepless linear dimming of lamps from your desktop
  • Easy to install, understand and operate