Entelli Ballast

Entelli-Ballast™ is the world’s first truly universal energy-efficient ballast. One single unit can power all 35-100 watt HID lamps regardless of the type or manufacturer and even powers LEDs.

The EnLight® Entelli-Ballast™ is fully reverse compatible, designed to replace old ballasts simply and quickly. And it is radio enabled as standard to seamlessly integrate with the EnTalk™ CMS. There is no need for Igniters or capacitors. The EnLight clip system enables fast fitting. Connect to mains, Lamp and DolFin and click to install. For more information please see the easy install video.

Key Features

  • Unprecedented 95% energy efficiency
  • Powers multiple lamps including SON, SOX, CosmoPolis, StreetWise, CMH, CDM & LED’s
  • Controls any lamp from 35w – 100w
  • Linear dimming of lamps from 30% – 100% in 1% steps
  • Ultra Soft Start Technology™ and dynamic adaptive control prevents lamp degradation
  • Greatly extended lamp life.
  • Energy savings of at least 10-50%.
  • Universal mains input 100 – 265 Volts AC/DC.
  • EnTalk advanced digital control as standard.